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Vibrio Control In Shrimp Farming (09/10/2015)

Summary: Strategies to control Vibrios at aquaculture farms must revolve around limiting inputs, including those from postlarvae suppliers, those that come in with the water, those that remain in the soil between crops and those in the feed and ...


To Vietnam, Germany has been the biggest tuna importing market in the EU and the second biggest single market since 2009.

Euro Decline Causes Problems for Seafood Traders (27/03/2015)

Recent falls in the value of the euro have been concerning Vietnamese fish exporters into the EU. The value of the euro is at a 12-year low, causing troubles for seafood companies in Viet Nam, reports VASEP.

Viet Nam Pangasius Exports Down in January 2015 (13/03/2015)

According to the Viet Nam Customs, pangasius exports in January 2015 reached US$137.89 million, down 12.2 per cent year on year.

US Lowers Anti-Dumping Tax on Vietnamese Shrimp (10/03/2015)

On 3 March 2015, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) announced preliminary results of of the ninth anti-dumping duty administrative reviews on certain frozen shrimp imported from Viet Nam.

Viet Nam Seafood Exports to Australia up 20.7% (10/03/2015)

According to the Viet Nam Trade Office in Australia, annual seafood exports to Australia are approximately $1 billion. The value of Viet Nam’s seafood exports to Australia in 2014, were $228.8 million, up 20.7 per cent year on year.

Gene markers could help combat WSSV in white shrimp (05/03/2015)

White spot syndrome is one of the most serious diseases of farmed shrimp, and there is currently no effective way of combating this disease. Scientists have recently discovered markers for genes that determine how well black tiger shrimp resist the ...

Germany’s pangasius imports continue to fall (04/03/2015)

Germany, once one of Vietnam’s top export markets for pangasius, imported 12 percent less in 2014, in terms of value, than in the previous year.

The price of fish: Different scale (04/03/2015)

IT IS a good time to be a fisherman. The global fish-price index of the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) hit a record high in May. Changing consumer diets, particularly in China, explain much of the sustained upward movement.

Vietnamese Pangasius Exports to Mexico on the Up (03/03/2015)

VIET NAM - Viet Nam pangasius exports to Mexico increased in 2014 to a value of around $115.24 million, up 17.1 per cent year on year.

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